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What Our Clients Are Saying

The Center for Leadership Studies takes great pride in our client relationships and remains humbled by the opportunities we have had over the last 45 years to partner with so many diverse organizations.

We find the demonstration of value to be a two-way street – our clients leverage our intellectual property and expertise and in the process provide us with insights of significance along with candid, constructive feedback. That being said, rather than trying to provide statistics that we feel speak to the value that The Center for Leadership Studies provides across our many client interactions, we thought it might be better to let our customers speak for themselves:

I highly recommend the Situational Leadership® Model as a part of any company's leadership development program.
Marshall Goldsmith, World Renowned Executive Coach
Situational Leadership® changed the way I managed people.
Retired Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
At a practical level that literally anyone can understand and embrace, Situational Leadership® teaches people how to effectively influence others.
Retired CEO
MNP has been working with The Center for Leadership Studies since 2004, delivering the one-day Situational Leadership® program with great success. We're seeing significant benefits and improvements in the new program and the tools it provides our leaders to immediately apply what they learn. The iSitLead® app is mobile, like our workforce, and provides them the ability to assess the needs of their followers and respond in the most effective way wherever they may be. The tools provide ongoing support and transfer of skills to the workplace through follow-up e-learning modules for our learners and our facilitators.

CLS continues to provide timely support and is proactive in their client service to MNP.

We highly recommend the model -- its applicability and usefulness in organizational life — and CLS for their client-service focus, their desire to meet and exceed our needs as their client and partner in the development of leaders in our organization.
Director, Learning & Development
I am a true fan of what The Center for Leadership Studies does to help organizations maximize business and mission impact through sound leadership practices. While they excel at providing formal training, they don't stop there; they also feature practices that prepare the learner prior to training, support and compel on-the-job application and deliver subsequent positive outcomes.

Situational Leadership® aligns well with the Kirkpatrick Model, which is the most-used training evaluation model in the world. Sam Shriver, Sr. Vice President of Commercial Operations and Product Development, has been formally trained in the Kirkpatrick Model and has successfully integrated Kirkpatrick best practices into his organization's work.
Senior Consultant
Once our organization made the decision to create a Leadership Development Institute for our member credit unions, it was important that we partnered with the appropriate business who understood our needs as an industry. We made the right choice with The Center for Leadership Studies. We believe that the Situational Leadership® Model is an excellent vehicle for students to recognize the approach to leadership in a thoughtful and principled fashion. Our enrolled students in the institute have found great value in applying the Situational Leadership® Model within their organizations. The attention and customization that CLS has been able to provide has been an added value for our institute. The level of instruction has been outstanding and the level of commitment unsurpassed.
VP of Professional Development
We continue to have great training days with Situational Leadership® within our organization. I always find that our participants are enthusiastic during the training and share comments like, 'This model is the most practical on-the-job tool that we have experienced from a course. The application from the course to the real work environment can begin immediately.'
Lead Organizational Development Specialist
I have had the pleasure of facilitating Situational Leadership® for over 25 years to every level of management within our organization. More importantly, I use these techniques in my day-to-day professional and personal life as I attempt to lead my work team, peers, supervisors and family. This model takes the complexity and mystery out of how to be an effective leader and replaces it with simple and sensible behaviors that anyone can use. By understanding the individual needs of others, one can take personal accountability by providing them the proper amount of direction and support to maximize their performance and results. These skills are essential for anyone who is in any type of leadership role.
Director of Field Training
GoDaddy started using Situational Leadership® as part of its training during 2014. Since then, it has trained over 150 managers with a 98% satisfaction rating. In follow-up assessments after training, we have found that managers are more adaptable in their style … showing that the benefits stick over time.
Senior Director, GoDaddy Learning
The impact of Situational Leadership® and CLS on our performance is unmistakable.
Senior Program Manager, Ricoh

Case Studies

Interested in learning more about the work we do and the value we bring?

Click on the sample case studies below to view a few highlights:


Assessing the Impact of Situational Leadership® Training on Leaders’ Skills and Business Results

Global pharmaceutical company contracted with an independent research firm, ADVANTIS Research and Consulting, in an effort to assess the return on investment in regards to Situational Leadership® training.

Performance Language: National Field Retail Operation

Partnered with a large retail organization to implement Situational Leadership® to develop a standardized performance language across its District and store managers, leading to high rates of retention in an industry with generally high turnover.

Management Foundations Case Study

Designed to target managers that were new to role, The Center for Leadership Studies partnered with Merck to develop a comprehensive blended learning curriculum that utilized Situational Leadership® as the framework through which the organization developed core, common and critical leadership competencies.

Management Development: Leading Biotechnology Organization

Partnered with a Fortune 500 biotech organization to design and develop a multi-tiered leadership development curriculum with the goal of reducing turnover rates and enhancing competency growth through individual development plans.