A Process for Transforming Learning Into Performance

There is an almost endless list of variables to account for (and stakeholders to consider) if you are responsible for measuring the impact of training in your organization. But, one thing is for certain, if the Trainee, Trainer and Next-Level Manager (of the Trainee) aren’t all on the same page, the probability of ongoing skill application and targeted behavior change is low.

The Four Moments of Truth™ (4MOT™) process is a simple, practical sustainment solution designed to support the Trainee’s success and engagement before, during and after a training event.

The Four Moments of Truth Book

The Four Moments of Truth™

“The Four Moments of Truth” is a practitioner’s guide to training transfer and sustainment grounded in time-tested fundamentals of evaluation strategy. In essence, 4MOT™ is a straightforward blueprint that connects learning to behavior change, and behavior change to tangible results.