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Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Self-Awareness

Question: Who would watch reality TV if everyone had high emotional self-awareness?

Now (full disclosure), I do not have a lot of experience with reality TV but, please, stick with me! I have, however, seen many commercials and promotional campaigns for these shows. In that regard, it would appear (from a distance) that at least some of these offerings go to great lengths to feature “actors” that are emotionally out of control.

Which begs another question: Do you value the ability to understand your emotions and regulate the behavior those emotions generate?

That is what emotional self-awareness is. It’s coming to grips with why you think and feel what you think and feel. We have long known that leaders are thoughtful people. In general, they think before they do! Few have covered this ground more effectively over the years than Marshall Goldsmith. Dust off your copy of his bestselling book, “Triggers,” and reacquaint yourself with the reality that just because:

  • Somebody bothers you doesn’t mean their point of view on an issue is invalid
  • You feel like talking doesn’t mean others are ready to listen
  • You are afraid doesn’t mean others wouldn’t benefit from hearing your perspective

Developing emotional self-awareness may well diminish your potential as a reality TV star, but it could also sincerely enhance your ability to effectively influence those around you.