Leadership Strategies to Enhance Employee Engagement During Disruptive Change

Last year was a year like no other (massive understatement I realize!). If memory serves, we (The Center for Leadership Studies) were kind of sailing along in early March coming off two very strong months to start 2020 while trying to get a handle on how long the newly implemented COVID-19 restrictions would be in place. Then, well, you know all too well what happened then!

Along came a global moratorium on in-person/classroom-based leadership training (and for good reason!). So, suddenly, we had some regrouping to do and some time on our hands! The good news was we were still in ongoing contact with our base of global customers who were happy to share how we might still be of service. Not surprisingly, many of those discussions focused on

Building or enhancing employee engagement while working remotely.

As we moved into, and eventually out of, a world governed by COVID-19 restrictions, we put together a series of handbooks and other resources intended to guide those transitions. Nothing flashy or complicated or difficult to wrap your head around. Conversely, these resources could best be categorized as commonsense doctrine intended to refresh or revisit time-tested fundamentals.

Each of those resources can be found below with a summary preceding it. Here’s to never having to endure another pandemic—and to being far better prepared for whatever tidal wave of disruptive change decides to come our way next!



Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders Discussion Guide:

A series of practical and reflective questions that helps any manager prepare for an upcoming performance discussion (face-to-face or virtual)



The Remote Employee Handbook: How to Take Charge and Be Effective:

Strategies for employees to enhance their own level of engagement as they adjust to the dynamics of disruptive change




The Remote Manager Handbook: How to Manage Others and Maintain Engagement:

Suggestions for managers moving from an in-office setting that provides the ability to make direct observations to a virtual setting that does not




Returning to work handbook cover

The Retuning to Work Handbook: Reflections and Strategies for Employees:

Strategies for employees to leverage their experience during disruptive change to communicate their performance needs more effectively to their manager or supervisor moving forward.




Returning to work handbook cover

The Returning to Work Handbook: Reflections and Strategies for Managers:

Recommendations for managers to help their direct reports effectively transition into whatever “the new normal” turns out to be