Leading Through Disruption

When you view change—especially the disruptive kind—through the eyes of Situational Leadership®, what you see is regression. Employees operating at moderate to high levels of Performance Readiness® for most of the tasks that constitute their contribution “move to the right.” Their ability to perform at a sustained and acceptable standard is challenged by emerging circumstances. For example, there can be any number of things that happen in an employee’s personal life that adversely impacts their work-related confidence, commitment or motivation. Effective leaders can play a significant role in empathetically redirecting the performance-related energy of people during those struggles.

How To Lead Through Systemic Change

A systemic change can often immediately and adversely impact everybody. For example, the coronavirus.

At one end of the response continuum, you will find people that, despite every clear indicator to the contrary, adopt a position that ignores reality. At the other extreme, there are those who connect a series of hypothetical “worst-possible-case dots,” at a speed that defies anything remotely resembling logic. Frequently, these are the people that wind up in a state of unbridled panic which, unfortunately, can also be contagious.

The one thing you can say with certainty about disruptive change is that it is an active incubator of sorts for leaders at all levels. Regardless of where people might find themselves on the continuum of response, in the midst of wide-spread uncertainty we all seek guidance, we all want answers and we are all thrust into a set of circumstances where we wind up gravitating toward those who can instill or revitalize our willingness to take calculated action.

These are the circumstances where Situational Leaders thrive. When the dust settles and organizations begin to redirect their efforts, it will be a time for simplicity and execution! It will be a time for practical, common sense strategies to be thoughtfully implemented. To pull that off, you need leaders that are prepared to adopt an approach that produces results, minimizes panic and restores both fresh perspective and renewed momentum.

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