What Is Accountability?

Accountability is vital to high-performing workplaces, as it allows organizations to build trust and a culture of ownership. Employees at any level within an organization require accountability to work effectively, and learning what it means to be accountable can make you a better leader.

What Does Accountability Mean in the Workplace?

While many believe accountability is accepting responsibility for your actions, the true definition encompasses more than that. Accountability also means taking ownership of work duties and showing the initiative to complete additional tasks. If a leader is accountable, they are willing to acknowledge their mistakes and take action to correct them.

Why Accountability Matters in the Workplace

Creating a culture of accountability in the workplace means recognizing that every employee does their share to contribute to the organization’s greater good. Employees understand that they are personally responsible for their behaviors, and everyone can see how their work affects those around them. Some of the top benefits of accountability in the workplace include:

  • Improved performance: When you and your employees take responsibility for your work, you develop a sense of ownership and become invested in projects. Since every team member wants to produce the best quality of work possible, overall work performance and job satisfaction will improve
  • Measurement of progress: Employees who feel accountable for their work will gain the skills to measure progress while working toward improvement. When they understand how their work affects their overall team, they will take steps to develop skills and measure progress
  • Greater confidence: An environment of accountability aids in forming trust in the workplace. Employees will feel more confident in their work when they know they have a team to support them
  • Improved connections with others: Showcasing accountability in the workplace enables you to build lasting relationships with employees you also find to be honest and self-directed

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