I love the book, The Four Moments of Truth! It is essential for our managers in every organization to understand that it’s not just up to the participants, but up to them to determine the success or failure of learning and career development amongst our employees.

- Learning and Development Program Manager, Non-Profit Industry

I highly recommend the Situational Leadership® Model as a part of any company's leadership development program.

- Marshall Goldsmith, World Renowned Executive Coach
One of the biggest barriers to development in a business setting is the chronic inability to talk about performance. Development can be a scary topic both for leaders and performers because it requires trust and vulnerability. Situational Leadership® has given our entire organization a common language to talk about development – which means, our entire organization is actually doing the work of developing!
- Manager of Organizational Development, Healthcare Industry
As a Corporate Trainer, I'm thrilled with the booming success of Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders within our organization and the enthusiasm of our employees to participate. The instructor resources provided for learning the materials are the best I have seen, and I have worked with many vendors to obtain instructor certifications. Kudos to The Center for Leadership Studies!
- Corporate Trainer, Fairchild Semiconductor
Situational Leadership®: Taking Charge has allowed individual contributors to leave behind the stigma of “not knowing” or “not performing” and instead empowered them with language to ask for what they need to develop their ability and willingness for new and evolving tasks.
- Manager of Organizational Development, Healthcare Industry

Situational Leadership® changed the way I managed people.

- Retired Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Amgen