Situational Leadership® has been an integral part of improving our coaching culture. Usage of the various leadership styles has increased team members’ engagement into the decision-making process, helping us become more collaborative in our approach to change.
- Head of Global Portfolio and Community Management, Manufacturing Industry
Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders has given people leaders a new paradigm to view development and support. It’s given them an accessible and applicable way of knowing when and how to use different approaches to leadership based on the situation and Performance Readiness® of their team for different tasks.
- Manager of Organizational Development, Healthcare Industry
GoDaddy started using Situational Leadership® as part of its training during 2014. Since then, it has trained over 150 managers with a 98% satisfaction rating. In follow-up assessments after training, we have found that managers are more adaptable in their style … showing that the benefits stick over time.
- Senior Director of GoDaddy Learning, GoDaddy

Situational Leadership® is the most practical on-the-job tool. The application from the course to the real work environment can begin immediately.

- Lead Organizational Development Specialist, Vidant Health