Custom Solutions for Global Biopharma Giant

CLS’ custom solution optimizes global biopharma company’s MSL nanager development.


Industry: Biopharmaceutical
Number of Employees: >50,000
Creating a culture where feedback and coaching is not only expected but desired by Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs).
Implementing custom e-learning modules and companion webinars for MSL managers that address key coaching opportunities.

Expanding excellence through MSL manager training

A global giant in the pharma sector wanted a training program for their MSL managers that would further grow a culture of feedback and coaching for MSLs resulting in stronger connections with key opinion leaders (KOLs). Discovery efforts into the organization’s challenges revealed six specific MSL coaching opportunities that needed to be addressed.

Our custom solutions team crafted six asynchronous e-learning modules that were accompanied by live webinars, designed to target each of the six MSL coaching opportunities. The entire project was stylized with the client’s branding.

The solution serves as the conduit for facilitating the strategic and impactful exchange of scientific information and trust-building between medical professionals, resulting in targeted and measurable value back to the organization.

The project not only addressed the coaching opportunities, but also further infused the client’s commitment to professional development for both the MSL and MSL manager. Based on positive feedback, the client expanded the offering by adding additional sessions to accommodate global time zones and maximize the reach of the program.

For our team at CLS, the greatest indicator of a success is the client’s unwavering trust in our recommendations and expertise to produce a top-tier solution for a world-class organization.


The resulting solution was a series of e-modules and companion webinars that covered the following topics:

  • Helping employees recognize opportunities for growth
  • Providing leaders with tips to build a feedback culture
  • Improving communication with technical experts
  • Guiding leaders in developing their top talent
  • Offering insights into managing remote staff
  • Establishing expectations for performance alignment

“The greatest value is in using real scenarios to practice skill, applying what’s being taught through a particular scenario I am facing now or in the future.”

Senior Leader
Pharma Organization