Adaptable Leadership: It’s Situational AND Social

Organizations demand a lot from their leaders in terms of results, skill sets and the ability to effectively influence others. So how can organizations like yours develop these types of leaders to achieve your goals? Consider the synergies between the Situational Leadership® Model and SOCIAL STYLE® and the results from a recent research study with over 4,000 global participants.

This complimentary webinar is sponsored by The Center for Leadership Studies and TRACOM Group. Your hosts, Drs. Sam Shriver and Casey Mulqueen, will present evidence that leaders who recognize how their SOCIAL STYLE affects their Leadership Style are more adaptable and effective.

During this interactive webinar, Sam Shriver and Casey Mulqueen will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • The complexity of leadership today
  • The different SOCIAL STYLEs and Leadership Styles
  • How a leader’s SOCIAL STYLE can influence which Leadership Style they use
  • Strategies for leaders to be more effective in their attempts to influence

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