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Situational Leadership® in Healthcare

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Proven Leadership Solutions for Today’s Modern Healthcare Practices and Hospital Systems

Healthcare today requires cooperation across the continuum of care, from front-line staff to caregivers. Create a common language of influence with the Situational Leadership® Model.

At The Center for Leadership Studies, we have seen Situational Leadership® behaviors used effectively with demonstrated results in the environment of healthcare, showcasing the power of influence across a multitude of audiences and specialties. See how our solutions address the unique needs of a highly educated workforce in a relatively flattened hierarchy that requires the utmost in teamwork and communication.

Improve the skills of your individual contributors, such as technicians and office staff, as well as leaders like your nurses and physicians, to help your practice or system realize higher patient satisfaction, happier and more productive staff and, ultimately, better patient care.

Transform your Practice Today!

Situational Leadership® is the most practical on-the-job tool. The application from the course to the real work environment can begin immediately.
- Lead Organizational Development Specialist, Vidant Health

Influencing Up, Down and Across the Organization

Today’s workplace is changing. As organizations shift from a structured top-down hierarchy to a more collaborative and team-centric dynamic, there is a growing demand for leaders at all levels. Read this article to learn how to effectively influence and drive behavior change across the business.

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