Situational Leadership® in Nonprofit Organizations

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Leadership Curriculum for Those Dedicated to Positively Impacting Our World

As stewards of a better tomorrow, nonprofit organizations tackle the world’s most challenging problems. A Situational Leadership® mindset enables an easier path to impact.

Nonprofit organizations face a myriad of unique challenges while accomplishing their mission.  Concurrently activating a donor network, showing value and progress to the board, properly training and engaging with staff, attracting volunteers, all while focusing on helping their cause, are a few of the challenges associated with running an NPO. Clearly the task can be daunting and this is why strong leadership in the nonprofit community is so important.

Whether leading teams and change, managing conflict, thinking strategically, or communicating with impact, courses from The Center for Leadership Studies can help your organization manage your group and achieve your goals. By teaching everyone the same language of leadership, you will be enabled to lead your team and communicate your progress and challenges to your various audiences in a way that will spark the change needed for you to achieve your mission.

See What Situational Leadership® Training can do for Your Organization

I love the book, 'The Four Moments of Truth!' It is essential for our managers in every organization to understand that it’s not just up to the participants, but up to them to determine the success or failure of learning and career development amongst our employees.
- Learning and Development Program Manager, Nonprofit Industry