Your Learning Journey Starts Here

Because we firmly believe that leadership is influence, we also believe that leaders exist at every organizational level. Our solutions help ensure that those leaders are as successful and effective as they can possibly be throughout their learning journey. With a variety of courses available, we work with organizations to map out a comprehensive learning path that builds the leadership competencies and skills the leaders in your organization need to be successful. Along the way, your leaders will gain value as they continue to develop, gain new skills and create positive behavior change.

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Customize Your Organization’s Learning Journey

A learning path provides an implementation framework that guides the learner through a progressive curriculum designed to support the training and sustainment needs for a specific leader audience. The structure and components of each leadership learning path can be assembled to seamlessly integrate into an existing curriculum, as well as support an organizational initiative. Request a meeting today to discuss the learning journey options available to your leaders!

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Executive Leadership

Executive leaders apply the foundational Situational Leadership® process to identify and address a specific organizational challenge, assess the organization’s readiness to take on that challenge and develop an executive team strategy to implement transformative solutions. Explore our course offerings designed for executive leadership:

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Experienced Manager

Experienced managers must lead individuals and teams, serve as coaches and change agents, know and understand themselves and others in the context of your organization. Our path for experienced managers begins with a strong foundation of Situational Leadership® and continues with a deep dive into application, focused upon performance coaching, leading teams and leading change. Explore our course offerings designed for experienced managers:

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New Manager

New managers need to be thoughtful and intentional about the actions they take to formally lead people for the first time. Situational Leadership® provides a roadmap for them to effectively navigate the transition from individual contributor to first-time people manager. In this regard, they develop self-awareness and insight into human behavior and learn strategies to systematically and effectively influence. Explore our course offerings designed for new managers:

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Individual Contributor

Individual contributors need to take personal responsibility for their level of employee engagement! They can do that by learning the language of Situational Leadership® and contracting for an appropriate leadership style with their immediate supervisor. The Situational Leadership® Model helps put that vision into action. Explore our course offerings designed for individual contributors: