The Runway of Understanding

In this episode, Wendy Kane, Director of Sales Leadership Development at Ricoh Americas Corporation, talks about Situational Leadership’s® role in her training curriculum.

Episode Transcript

Welcome to Leadership Quick Takes from The Center for Leadership Studies. In this episode, Wendy Kane, director of sales leadership development at Rico America’s corporation, talks about Situational Leadership®’s role in her training curriculum. For The Center for Leadership Studies, here’s your host, Sam Shriver.

Sam Shriver

Where do you position Situational Leadership® training in your curriculum and why?

Wendy Kane

We have what we call a five-floor program. So the five-floor program that we have, a manager’s basic level is floor one. So when a new manager starts, they go through our floor one curriculum. We put Situational Leadership® on floor two. And the reason that we put it just a nudge back from that initial supervisor is we wanted to give a little bit of runway for the manager to start understanding what it is about their team and to understand the blocking and tackling that goes into putting that team together and use that now to come into Situational Leadership® so that they can have real stories, they can have real experiences, and they can have the impact of understanding what happens when I do it right. And what happens when I don’t do it right? So we’re asking them to apply.

And for them to understand really the context inside of it, they have to have tried before they get it. And in hindsight, think about that conversation that you’ve had that really didn’t go the way that you wanted it to. Now, applying the framework of Situational Leadership®, do you see where that mismatch might have been? Or think about that situation that went beautifully. That you just nailed it. You left, and you thought, okay, we really connected. Now, again, with the framework in the context of Situational Leadership®, how is that match? Do you see how it fits? Do you see how it works? And the light bulbs go off a lot faster. We did have it at one point in our new manager program, and there was just such an overwhelming amount of information that managers needed when they started that. I think it got watered down.

And when we moved it to floor two, it started to have a whole lot more impact and a whole lot more teeth.


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