Brandon Hall Award

Performance Impact and Merck Win GOLD for Best Leadership Development Program From Brandon Hall Group

Cary, North Carolina – November 07, 2013 – Performance Impact (PI), the internal custom development arm of The Center for Leadership Studies, the global home of Situational Leadership®, and Merck & Company, Inc. (Merck) are GOLD winners of the 2013 Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Talent Management for Best Leadership Development Program. The award recognizes the long-term partnership between the two organizations for the design and development of the Management Foundations management development program.

Together, Performance Impact and Merck focused upon specific competencies that were truly core to the role of the new manager, common to all managers across Merck and critical to a new manager’s success. The four-month-long experiential management development program seamlessly integrates various blended-learning modalities – instructor-led classrooms, virtual classrooms, e-learning, manager-guided activities and 360° evaluations – and was designed to:

  • Develop and strengthen the skills, knowledge and behaviors of new people managers in an effort to enhance staff engagement during a time of significant organizational change
  • Ensure that new people managers are equipped to drive a consistent global leadership and management approach
  • Establish a framework through which to acclimate new people managers to Merck’s culture, leadership behaviors and performance management practices

Executive Director of Enterprise Learning at Merck, Jim Phelan, states, “We know that moving from an individual contributor to a people manager is probably one of the most significant, and, oftentimes, most challenging career moves that many aspiring leaders go through. Often, people have gotten to this level because they are very strong from a technical/functional perspective, but many have never had experience getting work done
through other people. Management Foundations helps us to build these fundamental people management skills in our new managers, helping to ensure that they are well-equipped to be successful in the line manager role. These skills continue to be important throughout all other stages of leadership progression.”

The program’s design features development of relevant and engaging case studies that make course content ‘come alive’ for each learner. In fact, according to a third-party study conducted to highlight the program’s organizational value, ninety percent of the respondents stated that the Management Foundations program helped change one or more managerial actions and those actions have led to, or will lead, to the achievement of specific, clear, and highly valued business outcomes.

For the Best Leadership Development Program award, the team of PI/Merck was judged on:

  • Fit to the Needs: This leadership development program effectively aligned to the
    learning needs and situation
  • Design of the Program: The leadership development program supports the leadership
    development goals and learning objectives
  • Adoption: The leadership development program was well-received and adopted by
    the organization’s leaders
  • Measurable Benefits: The leadership development program achieved measurable
    benefits and outcomes for the participants and organization
  • Overall: Overall, the leadership development program had a positive impact for the
    participants and organization

To quote Sam Shriver, co-founder of Performance Impact and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for The Center for Leadership Studies, “Management Foundations has been a transformational journey for PI and for Merck. We are both grateful and humbled by this prestigious recognition.”

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