GP Strategies partners with The Center for Leadership Studies to offer Situational Leadership® Training

New relationship allows GP clients to integrate Situational Leadership® course with existing comprehensive leadership development solutions

Cary, NC – May 16, 2022 – GP Strategies, a global leader in workforce transformation solutions, partnered with The Center for Leadership Studies to offer their suite of influence-centered programming globally to GP clients. Anchored by Situational Leadership® content, these offerings prepare leaders to effectively handle performance-based opportunities or challenges, as well as to respond to ongoing change. This curriculum is offered in more than 25 languages and multiple modalities, and it has been leveraged by small and large organizations globally to build leadership capability and depth.

Lisa Fagan-Joseph, GP Strategies Vice President of Global Leadership, said, “We’re thrilled to present this renowned curriculum to our clients. We can provide it as a discrete workshop, but we believe Situational Leadership® can slot in perfectly as part of the broader, comprehensive learning journey we design in collaboration with our clients.”

The GP client community has expressed a need for the specific competencies successful leaders use to manage people with an eye to performance. “Situational Leadership® takes what clients’ leaders already know and have learned from us and applies it in real-world scenarios that every leader encounters,” added Fagan-Joseph. “This partnership with CLS gives us a great way to integrate existing lessons from our own leadership content with the performance and management emphasis provided by the Situational Leadership® Model.”

“The Situational Leadership® Model comes from decades of pioneering, landmark studies,” said Chris Shriver, Vice President of Sales at The Center for Leadership Studies. “Everything in leadership depends upon who you’re dealing with and what the task is. For example, empowerment is great, except when it’s perceived as abandonment. Providing direction is great, except when it’s perceived as micromanagement. That’s why Situational Leadership® content revolves around alignment on the particulars of the task, as well as the person’s motivation, commitment, ability, and confidence to perform.

“In that regard, Situational Leadership® is a language of performance and change management,” continued Shriver. “It’s practical and repeatable, and that’s why it’s been one of the most applied models for more than 50 years. The goal is for leaders to get people to the point where they’re able, willing, and confident to perform and, in so doing, enable their mastery and enhance their engagement.

Learners will identify opportunities to improve through self-assessment, getting insights into their primary leadership behaviors and the range of styles they tend to instinctively draw upon. Also included with every Situational Leadership® offering is a suite of sustainment tools (The Four Moments of Truth™) designed to provide ongoing performance support and help managers perfect their leadership practice after course completion.

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About The Center for Leadership Studies

For more than 50 years, The Center for Leadership Studies, founded by Dr. Paul Hersey, has been the global home of the original Situational Leadership® Model. With over 15 million leaders trained, Situational Leadership® is the most successful and widely adopted leadership model available. Deployed in more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies, the Situational Leadership® Model and influence-focused courses enable leaders to engage in effective performance conversations that build trust, increase productivity and drive behavior change. CLS services customers both domestically and internationally through an extensive network comprised of over 200 learning professionals in more than 25 languages.


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