The Center for Leadership Studies Announces New Program for Empowering Accountability Through Situational Leadership® Practices

Cary, NC – April 25, 2023 – The Center for Leadership Studies (CLS), the global home of the Situational Leadership® Model, announced the upcoming release of Situational Performance Ownership, a new program that takes a revolutionary approach to equip individuals to take ownership and accountability for their role in the leadership process.

In today’s modern workforce, it is crucial that organizations empower multidirectional influence by cultivating a culture of accountability. Situational Performance Ownership equips employees at every level with the skills they need to take a proactive approach to their development by applying Situational Leadership® practices to identify and communicate their performance needs. Through engaging learning that combines self-reflection with cohort collaboration, this course teaches employees to apply the Performance Ownership Process to gain alignment and enhance performance and engagement.

Situational Performance Ownership is available in four critical modalities—in-person instructor-led training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (vILT), digital blended and self-paced—and the program’s modern design features accessibility compliance, reinforcement and practice, facilitator feedback as well as engaging case study videos.

“What we’re seeing in today’s organizations is that multidirectional influence and informal leadership are more important than ever. Situational Performance Ownership prepares learners to initiate performance conversations, which creates a sense of ownership that keeps people engaged and motivates them to do higher-quality work,” said Suzie Bishop, Vice President of Product Development at The Center for Leadership Studies.

Situational Performance Ownership goes beyond equipping learners with an empowered mindset by teaching them the skills to step up and ask for the support and direction they need to be successful. This directly increases efficiency by reducing the time spent on rework or wasted efforts caused by misalignment and confusion.

Situational Performance Ownership is the key to creating a common language of performance in an organization,” said Maureen Shriver, CEO at The Center for Leadership Studies. “When the entire workforce is equipped to advocate for their performance needs, combined with leaders who can adapt their leadership style to meet the needs of others, it enhances the way people communicate about tasks and improves the overall performance of an organization.”

“The Situational Performance Ownership course provided the necessary skills to effectively communicate my needs to my manager. Our conversations are now more productive, and I’m able to get my work done with greater efficiency,” said one participant who completed the course.

The manager of customer success operations at a top technology company added, “The Situational Performance Ownership course has been directly applicable to situations I’m working through with the Performance Readiness® needs of my team. Team members are demonstrating a higher level of engagement in performance discussions and offering more input on assigned tasks. Our accountability culture is growing!”

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