The Center for Leadership Studies Releases Situational Performance Ownership

Cary, NC – June 12, 2023 – The Center for Leadership Studies (CLS), the global home of the Situational Leadership® Model, announced today the release of Situational Performance Ownership, a flexible, multimodal program that empowers learners to own their role in the leadership process.

Today’s work environment is defined by rapid change and dispersed teams that often hinder employees’ performance, momentum and engagement. To ignite talent within the current climate, organizations must empower employees at every level to effectively communicate and gain alignment and clarity on expectations. Situational Performance Ownership provides the springboard to a performance partnership between leader and performer, equipping individuals with the vital skills and tools they need to proactively accelerate their time to task autonomy and successfully contribute to the organization’s goals.

Suzie Bishop, VP of Product Development at The Center for Leadership Studies said, “Situational Performance Ownership equips employees with the skills to take charge of their development and move through their discomfort to initiate performance-based conversations with their leader. This fosters an environment where the leader and follower are equally committed to proactive communication, mitigating regression and driving the success of the organization.”

The program introduces participants to the Performance Ownership Process and a compelling mind shift towards empowerment and accountability where they discover that they can be catalyst for their own success and engagement at work, rather than relying on, or reacting to, external factors. Empowering employees to initiate performance conversations and play an active role in their success and engagement creates a culture of accountability that enhances trust and delivers results.

“Organizations that are going to thrive in today’s environment are investing in employees at every level to drive conversations between the two parties that create collective success. Situational Performance Ownership provides employees with a valuable skillset they will leverage and build upon throughout their career. It also improves performance, communication, decision-making and job satisfaction,” said Maureen Shriver, CEO at The Center for Leadership Studies.

Situational Performance Ownership offers a flexible design that includes accessibility compliance, impactful paced lessons, multifaceted collaboration, reflection, discussion and application activities, as well as video case studies that reflect our diverse, modern workforce.

Situational Performance Ownership™ features consistent learning outcomes across four critical modalities: in-person instructor-led training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (vILT), digital blended and self-paced. The program provides a single solution for all audiences across today’s hybrid workforce, helping organizations increase the scale and speed of their leadership training to develop more leaders in less time. The flexible course options that Situational Performance Ownership™ offers allow organizations to leverage the modalities that are most impactful to their learners to enhance engagement and support application.

Situational Performance Ownership is available as a public workshop as well as a private workshop. Client trainers benefit from ongoing support and can be certified to deliver the program across all modalities through the streamlined, single workshop certification process, making it easier to ramp up internal training teams.

A participant who recently completed the program shared, “This was much needed for me at this time. I’m at the start of my career and wasn’t taught these tools for better assessing my performance in previous jobs. I like that this course provides prompts and tools to start these conversations with our leaders. I sometimes get paralyzed from speaking up because I don’t know what to say or where to even begin, and this course really lays out a good foundation for me to look back and build on.”

Another participant, who holds a VP position in their organization added, “Situational Performance Ownership is a course that everyone, no matter their level or role within an organization, should take as early as possible.”

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