The Center for Leadership Studies Releases The Next Generation of Situational Leadership® Training

Cary, NC – October 5, 2022 – The Center for Leadership Studies (CLS), the global home of the Situational Leadership® Model, announced today its new flagship program, Situational Leadership® Essentials, a flexible, multimodal learning solution for the modern learner.

The role of the manager is becoming increasingly complex, and adaptability is the key to organizational resilience. As organizations continue to shift to a more collaborative and team-centric dynamic, there is a rapidly growing demand for leaders at all levels. Through highly engaging, impact-focused learning, Situational Leadership® Essentials provides leaders with the tools necessary to influence others, make strategic decisions, manage conflict and affect change.

Suzie Bishop, VP of Product Development at The Center for Leadership Studies said, “We know from 50 years of experience and validation studies that Situational Leadership® training is transformative. We reevaluated how we offer that training to our clients. This course stands out because of our world-class content and because it’s not a band-aid solution like we’re used to seeing in this industry.”

As the next generation of Situational Leadership® training, Situational Leadership® Essentials equips leaders with the skills they need to meet the challenges of today and be prepared for tomorrow. “The learning and development landscape is changing, and the need for Situational Leaders is greater than ever. We are proud to be the only source of Situational Leadership® training and to deliver a modern program that will carry our clients into the future,” said Maureen Shriver, CEO at The Center for Leadership Studies.

Situational Leadership® Essentials introduces participants to the Situational Leadership® Model and teaches them how to apply it in their daily interactions to overcome misalignment, build trust and enhance critical skills that drive results and increase engagement.

The program’s flexible design includes accessibility compliance, self- and 360°-assessments, reinforcement and practice, facilitator feedback as well as videos and case studies that reflect universal scenarios of the modern workforce. Situational Leadership® Essentials features consistent learning outcomes across four critical modalities: in-person instructor-led training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (vILT), digital blended and self-paced. The program provides a single solution for all audiences across today’s hybrid workforce, helping organizations increase the scale and speed of their leadership training to develop more leaders in less time.

According to Training Industry research, training programs delivered through at least one preferred method are 50% more likely to be effective (TI Learner Preference Report). The flexible course options that Situational Leadership® Essentials offers allow organizations to leverage the modalities that are most impactful to their learners to enhance engagement and support retention.

Situational Leadership® Essentials is available as a public workshop as well as a private workshop. Client trainers benefit from our ongoing support and can be certified to deliver the program across all modalities through the streamlined, single workshop certification process, making it easier to ramp up internal training teams.

“The Situational Leadership® Essentials’ course provides the practical toolkit for any leader looking to synchronize their style to the needs of those they lead,” said a participant who completed the course.

The director of training at a leading manufacturing organization added, “Finally, a leadership training program that delivers high-quality learning across the board.”

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About The Center for Leadership Studies

For more than 50 years, The Center for Leadership Studies, founded by Dr. Paul Hersey, has been the global home of the original Situational Leadership® Model. With more than 15 million leaders trained, Situational Leadership® is the most successful and widely adopted leadership model available. Deployed in more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies, the Situational Leadership® Model and influence-focused courses enable leaders to engage in effective performance conversations that build trust, increase productivity and drive behavior change. CLS services customers both domestically and internationally through an extensive network of more than 200 learning professionals in more than 25 languages. Visit to learn more.