Reboarding Through COVID-19: A Situational Leadership® Toolkit

Engage your team when they need it most.

As businesses are required to evolve in the post-pandemic workplace, all employees need to learn new skills and processes to safely and effectively perform their jobs during and after COVID-19. Unique leadership skills and adaptability are crucial to success during this time.


Introducing Reboarding Through COVID-19: A Situational Leadership® Toolkit. An interactive resource that provides six actionable tools managers can download and use now to apply Situational Leadership® to successfully lead their teams through the post-pandemic reboarding phase.


Equip your managers with the Situational Leadership® tools and resources they need to successfully lead their teams through the post-pandemic reboarding phase.




  • Modular design provides the flexibility for the user to choose the tools that are most relevant to their current circumstances
  • Targeted tools support the manager’s ability to gain alignment and clarity on team members’ tasks and Performance Readiness® and match leadership style to advance development or prevent regression
  • Intuitive and engaging design for an optimal user experience
  • Includes a Reflection Tool: Readiness Checklist for the manager to self-assess their personal readiness to communicate reboarding plans to their team
  • Adaptable to any device, accessible from anywhere and able to be deployed via your LMS or MyCLS

Who is this toolkit for?

Managers of individuals and/or teams at any level of the organization. The post-lockdown return to work will be different for businesses across the globe, but the common theme is the need to establish alignment on the new norms that will guide and standardize what work looks like for your team.

This toolkit is designed to help managers establish the processes and expectations for how people will reengage and return to work.

NOTE: Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders is a pre-requisite to this toolkit.

Happy leader standing in front of company building excited to reboard his team.


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