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Situational Leadership® Curriculum

Create a common language of leadership throughout the organization.

With Situational Leadership® as a foundation, we have created a curriculum that specifically targets individual contributors, managers, teams and executives in order to ensure the model can be applied at all levels of an organization. In doing so, we create a common language of leadership that directly ties to specific competencies pertinent to each employee and their role.

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The Influence Curriculum

Enhance influence skills to meet the needs of employees and create behavior change.

Experience has shown us that the best leaders are those that can successfully influence up, down and across the organization, impacting business results. To that end, The Center for Leadership Studies has developed an Influence Curriculum that leverages Situational Leadership® as the foundation upon which influence-related competencies are developed. The result is leaders that take a task-specific approach to effective communication and performance change through keen self-awareness and an understanding of the realities associated with lasting behavior change.

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The Performance Curriculum

Build fundamental competencies to address inherent leadership challenges.

As the global market place continues to evolve, leaders at every level are faced with the pervasive leadership challenges that are the by-products of change. The most successful leaders are those who can communicate effectively and influence others to lead through change, manage conflict and employ innovative strategic thinking to achieve organizational goals. Anchored in the competencies and skills that define highly effective communication, the Performance Curriculum is designed to augment the leader’s ability to address some of the most common leadership challenges and positively influence the success and engagement of those they lead.

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Learning Journey

Your learning journey starts here.

Because we firmly believe that leadership is influence, we also believe that leaders exist at every organizational level. Our solutions help ensure that those leaders are as successful and effective as they can possibly be throughout their learning journey. With a variety of courses available, we work with organizations to map out a comprehensive learning journey that builds the leadership competencies and skills the leaders in your organization need to be successful. Along their journey, your leaders will gain value as they continue to develop, gain new skills and create positive behavior change.


Learning is an ongoing process, not an event.

Training should begin with the end in mind. The reason an organization invests in training is grounded in goal achievement and enhanced productivity. That investment is tied directly to the tangible benefits that can be derived from active participation in leadership development training. At The Center for Leadership Studies, we’re serious about driving Level III behavior change, which is derived from Donald Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation. Level III is the degree to which the participant applies what they learned during training on the job. We pride ourselves on designing and developing sustainment resources that support this cause and drive true behavior change.