Leading With DiSC®

Build stronger Situational Leaders through DiSC training

Our Leading With DiSC training program integrates the application of the Everything DiSC® Management Behavior assessment with The Situational Leadership® Model, providing a learning experience that enables participants to enhance the impact of their communications and their ability to influence others.

Successful managers realize that not all employees are the same; therefore, they must respond to the unique behavioral cues, communication preferences and priorities that drive an individual’s performance level. By providing our Leading With DiSC training program to the Situational Leaders within your organization, you are refining their ability correctly assess an individual’s Performance Readiness®. After training, participants will have the ability to leverage their awareness of an individual’s DiSC® style to match their own leadership style behaviors more effectively and more accurately.

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Experience the benefits of Leading With DiSC®

  • Foster communication and the use of a common, objective language to influence behavior
  • Build more cohesive and productive teams by maximizing the strengths of individual members
  • Gain insight into personal management style tendencies by exploring the results of the Everything DiSC® Management Profile assessment by John Wiley & Sons
  • Enhance leadership skills with targeted, immediately applicable coaching strategies that blend the synergistic principles of the Situational Leadership® Model and DiSC®

The Four Moments of TruthTM

Resources for Leading With DiSC®

Leverage these guides to ensure engagement and alignment between the Trainee and Next-Level Manager throughout the learning cycle.

Trainee Guide Next-Level Manager Guide

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