Communicating With Impact

Energize communication by developing immediately applicable strategies and critical communication skills; leaders and individual contributors alike will enhance their ability to influence through clear, well-organized and intentional communication.

Communicating With Impact focuses on the importance of developing and delivering a clear, well-crafted message with a value-driven objective that reflects the perspective and needs of the receiver. Participants explore a methodology for successful verbal communication that includes addressing the physical and behavioral barriers to effective communication, as well as how to encourage engagement by demonstrating effective listening skills. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers to develop impactful communication strategies to immediately implement to enhance their communication skills and their ability to influence others.

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Communicating with Impact Course Flyer

Experience the Benefits of Communicating With Impact

  • Enhance engagement by asking high-impact questions that will support mutually productive and valuable interactions
  • Build credibility by considering the impact of your message and the perspective of the receiver
  • Break down barriers and reduce misunderstandings through the development and delivery of clear, well-organized messaging
  • Demonstrate active listening skills to improve two-way communication

The Four Moments of TruthTM

Resources for Communicating With Impact

Leverage these guides to ensure engagement and alignment between the Trainee and Next-Level Manager throughout the learning cycle.

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