Effective 1:1s

Transform 1:1s into catalysts for growth and connection that build trust, inclusion and performance accountability.

Effective 1:1s provides essential strategies and best practices for leading 1:1 meetings that promote short-term performance and long-term growth.

Through engaging activities and in-depth peer discussions, leaders will learn to conduct effective 1:1 meetings that promote communication, accountability and continuous improvement. Learners will explore actionable steps they can implement before, during and after their 1:1s to foster stronger relationships, ensure alignment and boost overall performance and engagement levels.

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Consistent 1:1s are crucial for building relationships, achieving alignment and enhancing performance and engagement.

But if 1:1s are not purposeful and personal, they are just another meeting on an already packed calendar.

Employees who have regular one-on-one meetings with their managers are three times more likely to be engaged, while those who never have 1:1 meetings with their manager are four times more likely to be disengaged.

Effective 1:1s teaches leaders strategies for conducting 1:1s that improve efficiency, build trust and psychological safety and enhance motivation and engagement.

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to apply personalized, actionable strategies to increase the effectiveness of their 1:1s.

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