Team Meetings

Create inspiring, impactful and efficient team meetings that drive results and foster collaboration.

Team Meetings empowers leaders to conduct effective and purposeful team meetings that engage participants and unlock potential.

Through peer discussion, hands-on activities and collaboration, learners will explore strategies and best practices for optimizing team meetings. From pre-meeting preparation to meeting facilitation and post-meeting follow-through, learners will explore tactics for leading team meetings that are valuable, informative and impactful. Learners will create personalized Action Plans for transforming their team meetings into purposeful gatherings that propel their teams toward collective success.

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As the speed of business continues to accelerate, organizations cannot afford for their employees to waste time in inefficient meetings.

People spend 21% of their work hours in meetings, which is why it is important to make sure those meetings are effective and productive.

Team Meetings provides learners with key insights into:

  • Common challenges and barriers to team meetings
  • How to determine when a meeting is necessary
  • Crafting a meeting agenda, defining roles and communicating expectations
  • Best practices for handling behaviors that often derail meetings
  • Areas for reflection to identify opportunities for improvement

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