Situational Leadership®: Building the Organization

Enable executive leaders to provoke organizational movement, ensure organizational alignment and develop organizational capacity by shaping the leadership strategy that will get you there.

Situational Leadership®: Building the Organization is designed to help executives lead organizational change by identifying specific challenges or problems, assessing Organizational Performance Readiness® for implementation and applying leadership strategies tailored for the organization’s needs. This executive working session integrates the concepts and four-step process of the Situational Leadership® methodology and applies them to leading an organization through change. Executives will apply the Transformational Situational Leadership® concepts to leading their organizations similarly to the way Situational Leadership® precepts are applied to leading organizational members through task and role performance.

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Flyer for Building the organization, Situational Leadership for Executives

Experience the Benefits of Situational Leadership®: Building the Organization

  • Executive team alignment and focus on organizational change priorities
  • Assessment of Organizational Performance Readiness® using measurable indicators
  • Leadership strategy aligned to organizational needs enhances effectiveness and successful implementation
  • Organizational leadership strategy, action plan and communication strategy are aligned and relevant to the organization’s change initiatives

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Situational Leadership®: Building the Organization FAQs

Organizational change management is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a future state in order to achieve business objectives. It involves planning, implementing, and managing change in a systematic way to minimize resistance, maximize employee engagement, and ensure successful adoption of the change.

Communicating organizational change effectively is crucial for ensuring that employees understand the reasons for the change, feel engaged in the process, and are motivated to support and adapt to the new direction.