Situational Leadership®: Building the Organization

Enable executive leaders to provoke organizational movement, ensure organizational alignment and develop organizational capacity by shaping the leadership strategy that will get you there.

Situational Leadership®: Building the Organization is designed to help executives lead organizational change by identifying specific challenges or problems, assessing Organizational Performance Readiness® for implementation and applying leadership strategies tailored for the organization’s needs. This executive working session integrates the concepts and four-step process of Situational Leadership® and applies them to leading an organization through change. Executives will apply the Transformational Situational Leadership® concepts to leading their organizations similarly to the way Situational Leadership® is applied to leading organizational members through task and role performance.

Download The Course Flyer

Flyer for Building the organization, Situational Leadership for Executives

Experience the Benefits of Situational Leadership®: Building the Organization

  • Executive team alignment and focus on organizational change priorities
  • Assessment of Organizational Performance Readiness® using measurable indicators
  • Leadership strategy aligned to organizational needs enhances effectiveness and successful implementation
  • Organizational leadership strategy, action plan and communication strategy are aligned and relevant to the organization’s change initiatives

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