Situational Performance Ownership

Empowering accountability through Situational Leadership® practices.

The Situational Performance Ownership course equips individuals with the skills they need to take a proactive approach to their development by applying Situational Leadership® practices to identify and communicate their performance needs.

Empowering employees to initiate performance conversations and play an active role in their success and engagement creates a culture of accountability that enhances trust and delivers results.

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Learning Outcomes

The Situational Performance Ownership course teaches employees at all levels of the organization to apply the Performance Ownership Process steps to gain alignment and enhance performance and engagement.

  • Embrace accountability by leveraging an objective, practical framework as a road map for owning success and engagement
  • Boost efficiency by reducing the time spent on rework or wasted efforts caused by misalignment and confusion
  • Maximize performance using a common language to increase communication and engagement and empower your success
  • Accelerate development by empowering performer-initiated conversations to advocate for support and direction
  • Actively participate in clarifying expectations, addressing barriers to success, measuring progress and providing feedback

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The Situational Performance Ownership course provides a single solution for your hybrid workforce, helping you increase the scale and speed of your leadership training.

Learners today work in unprecedentedly diverse teams in a variety of environments and communication channels. As such, they need training that is clear, relevant, applicable and accessible to them when and how they need it.

The Situational Performance Ownership course maintains consistent learning objectives, outcomes, content and learning materials across all modalities. While the content remains the same, the learning experience is optimized to each modality.


The Situational Performance Ownership course delivers consistent, high-impact learning experiences across multiple modalities to meet the unique needs of your learners.


Virtual Instructor-Led

Digital Blended


Learning Features

  • Engaging: Integrates activities with daily work and makes an immediate impact
  • Collaborative Learning: Enables learners to share insights, feedback and encouragement with each other (Cohort Collaboration)
  • Reinforcement and Practice: Provide tools for application on-the-job
  • Streamlined Certification Process: Equips trainers to deliver the course across all modalities with one certification process
  • Highly Relevant: Supports retention, reflection, practice, application and feedback
  • Facilitator Feedback: Supports learners with expert advice and insights

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The Four Moments of TruthTM

Resources for Situational Performance Ownership

Leverage these guides to ensure engagement and alignment between the Trainee and Next-Level Manager throughout the learning cycle.

Trainee Guide Next-Level Manager Guide

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Situational Performance Ownership™ FAQs

To create a culture of ownership in the workplace, leaders can empower employees by fostering autonomy, accountability, and a sense of responsibility for their work. Encouraging open communication, providing opportunities for growth and development, recognizing and rewarding achievement, and involving employees in decision-making processes can help instill a sense of ownership and commitment to the organization's goals. Setting clear expectations, promoting a culture of trust and transparency, and leading by example through demonstrating accountability and ownership can also contribute to cultivating a strong sense of ownership among employees.