Executive Coaching Services: Impact-Driven Leadership Support to Achieve Your Potential

Propelling high-visibility leaders to new levels of strategic effectiveness, resulting in transformational change, growth and organizational success.

As an executive, you face the most complex organizational and personal challenges within the company. Interestingly, this is also the time when you may find yourself without a proper support system of individuals, mentors and colleagues to help you receive honest feedback, share struggles or consider options when determining the path forward or how to overcome certain challenges.

Executive Coaching Services from The Center for Leadership Studies are designed to help you develop focus and excellence around strategic leadership, cultural direction and operational excellence.

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Support Through Complex Challenges

  • Transitioning to New Role
  • Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Preparing for IPO
  • Merging and Integrating Cultures
  • Negotiating
Our coaching relationship was one of the most meaningful things that has happened to me in my career ...
- Executive Vice President Business Operations
CEO and Coach having an executive coaching session

Why The Center for Leadership Studies?

As the home of the Situational Leadership® Model, we understand the dynamics of leading others, leading organizations and driving success. We also know that, as executives, you must continually hone the personal and professional skills you have developed due to the impact and dynamic nature of your position.

Because of this, we are positioned uniquely to help you tackle your biggest strategic challenges. In our over 50 years of experience, we have worked with 70% of Fortune 500 companies and have witnessed their challenges, successes and the transformation needed at the executive level to achieve their goals.

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Our process for executive coaching

Our Executive Coaches

Our executive coaches are hand-selected based on a rigorous review process that includes focus on prior engagements and results, years of experience, accreditation and industry focus.

Each coach has ICF accreditation or Stakeholder Centered Coaching foundations.

To ensure the maximum impact throughout the engagement, we send several coaching profiles that are closely vetted to align your stated goals with our coaches’ experience. Coachees will have the opportunity to interview each identified coach, giving them the opportunity to select their best match.

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Executive Coaching FAQs

Executive coaching offers leaders valuable benefits, including alignment of priorities with teams, objective feedback, consideration of short-term benefits and long-term consequences, trust-building through empowerment, and development of measurement-driven communication strategies. Overall, it enhances leadership effectiveness and drives organizational success.

Executive coaching costs vary based on factors such as coach experience, organizational level, and industry. Generally, coaches charge between $150 and $650 per hour. Those with less experience or specializing in newer leaders may charge lower rates. Nonprofits often receive discounts or pro bono sessions. Middle managers can expect to pay $250 to $450 per hour, while executives may pay $500 to $650 per hour, with some charging four-digit rates. Coaches may also offer retainer options for ongoing support.

To find an executive coach, fill out our form here. We offer executive coaching solutions tailored to your specific needs. Get started, find a qualified coach to help you achieve your leadership goals.