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MyCLS offers our leadership training programs any where, any time on any device.

MyCLS is a cloud-based learning platform that enables learners to seamlessly access their course materials, assessments and post-learning sustainment activities — all in the same place.

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Businessman completing microlearning on iPad on the MyCLS platform

Any Time. Any Where. Any Device.

  • Personalized Learning Paths guide the learner through every element of their training.
  • Flexible Formats allow learners to choose and access their learning on their preferred device for the optimal learning experience.
  • Integration with Systems ensures ease of access and training attendance.
  • Intuitive and Robust Administrative Tools automate redundant efforts and reduce administrative burdens.
  • Easier Path to ROI through automated reporting that provides both detailed and at-a-glance summaries.
business woman enjoying virtual training via MyCLS

Benefits of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

  • Instructor-Led Approach provides the same two-way, person-to-person, real-time communication of traditional classroom training.
  • Continuous Learning offers various options for sustainment experiences, like resource libraries, videos, etc.
  • Access Anywhere enables remote team members to engage in learning opportunities.
  • Media Elements, such as visual, video, audio, polling and chatting, are leveraged throughout the virtual session to engage learners.

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