Course Certifications, When and Where You Choose

Get certified in many of the courses offered by The Center for Leadership Studies without having to leave the comfort of your office or home.

Our e-certifications are designed to maximize convenience for trainers that want to become certified to teach the course material without requiring an in-person classroom experience to do so. Our e-certifications teach trainers how to teach the content, as well as mastery of the content itself. Upon completing the course and passing a knowledge check assessment, trainers will receive their full administration kit.

Options available for e-certification with Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders certification as a prerequisite include:

Situational Leadership® Essentials, Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders, Situational Leadership®: Building the Organization and Leading With Emotional Intelligence are not available as e-certification options.

Interested in becoming certified to lead Situational Leadership® Essentials, Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders or Leading With Emotional Intelligence?

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