Situational Conversations Certification Workshops

The Situational Conversations certification equips trainers to deliver the course across all modalities—in-person instructor-led, virtual instructor-led and digital blended live sessions. The certification workshop is a one-week, digital blended learning experience that consists of self-paced learning with peer and facilitator collaboration, as well as one 90-minute live session. The Situational Conversations certification is designed to ensure comprehensive understanding of the Situational Conversations Framework and content proficiency in key concepts while providing opportunities to prepare and personalize facilitation.

The Situational Conversations certification is a three-step process that includes:

  • Step 1: Trainers are required to attend a Situational Conversations workshop in any modality to experience the course as a participant. A member of our team will coordinate this with them
  • Step 2: Trainers receive an administration kit and access the digital blended certification to learn how to facilitate the course through a variety of learning elements, including: instructional videos, facilitation resources, submission activities and peer interaction
    • Attend the (90minute) Live Q&A Session
  • Step 3: Trainers submit teach-backs and receive feedback from our Certified Master Trainer

Below is our schedule of upcoming Situational Conversations certification workshops. Registration closes two weeks prior to the start date.