Situational Leadership® Essentials Certification Migration

The Situational Leadership® Essentials certification migration provides a condensed certification process for licensed trainers certified in Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders. The Situational Leadership® Essentials certification migration process equips trainers to deliver the course across all modalities—in-person instructor-led, virtual instructor-led and digital blended live sessions.

Due to their demonstrated understanding of the Situational Leadership® Model and content proficiency in key concepts, qualified licensed trainers are not required to attend a Situational Leadership® Essentials workshop prior to certification or submit a teach-back video. Instead, the client certification migration process provides access to a resource hub where trainers can view the Situational Leadership® Essentials course and recordings of the program in each modality as well as the downloadable facilitation presentation file.

Qualifications: Trainers must be certified in Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders (in any modality) and their organization must have an active agreement with CLS.

The Situational Leadership® Essentials certification migration is a three-step process that includes:

  • Step 1: After registering for a 90-minute live Q&A session, trainers will receive an administration kit and access the resource hub where they can review instructional videos, facilitation resources and download the facilitation presentation file. Although not required, it is recommended that trainers familiarize themselves with these materials prior to the Q&A session
  • Step 2: Trainers are required to attend the live 90-minute Q&A session
  • Step 3: Trainers have the option to attend a Situational Leadership® Essentials certification workshop, which includes another live Q&A session, within a 12-month period at no additional charge

Below is our schedule of upcoming Situational Leadership® Essentials certification migration Q&A sessions. To allow for time to ship admin materials and/or process required agreements, registration closes two weeks prior to the live Q&A session.