Digital Blended Training

Maximize training impact with minimal disruption to daily work.

The world of work is evolving at a rapid pace, which requires learning that integrates with the flow of work, instead of disrupting it. Our digital blended training combines the best aspects of traditional learning modalities to provide a collaborative learning experience that drives productivity, increases engagement and improves retention.

  • Spaced learning: Distributes learning over time to support retention, reflection, practice, application and feedback
  • Scalability: Allows for large-scale cohort learning, accelerating business impact and development
  • Gamified environment: Awards points as you complete activities and tracks your progress on the leaderboard
  • Engaging: Integrates activities with daily work and makes an immediate impact
  • Accessibility: Complies with WCAG A and AA requirements
  • Reinforcement: Provides tools for application on the job

Digital Blended Private Workshops

Develop your team’s leadership skills with flexible learning that integrates with daily work. No matter where your team members are located, our digital blended private workshops provide participants with opportunities to learn with and from their community of peer learners to solve problems and generate new ideas. Private digital blended workshops are delivered by our Certified Trainers who are qualified to accommodate any organizational culture and fulfill your organization’s needs.

Digital Blended Public Workshops

Our digital blended public workshops are designed to enhance the training experience by combining self-paced learning with live virtual sessions and by leveraging a social format to enrich the learning journey through peer, learning community coordinator and facilitator collaboration, polls, discussions and relevant case study videos. Whether you’re looking for personal development or vetting our programs for organization-wide rollout, our digital blended public workshops offer flexible learning for the modern workforce.

There are no upcoming workshops, please check back later.