Situational Leadership® Essentials Public Workshops

The Situational Leadership® Essentials public workshop teaches participants the Situational Leadership® Model and equips them with the skills to drive successful performance and pivot to meet the challenges of today’s workforce. The course teaches participants how to integrate the Situational Leadership® process into their daily routines to achieve results while keeping their teams engaged, informed and productive.

The Situational Leadership® Essentials public workshops are offered in the virtual and digital blended modalities.

Virtual: A two-day training event that features interactivity focused on sharing best practices and peer learning.

Digital Blended: A four-week learning journey that incorporates self-paced learning along with three live virtual sessions and features a social format that enhances the training experience through peer and facilitator collaboration, polls, discussions and relevant case study videos.

Below is our schedule of all upcoming Situational Leadership® Essentials public workshops. Registration closes two weeks prior to the start date.