Tackling Organizational Challenges From the C-Suite to the Front Line

The list of challenges of today’s business environment seems endless, from managing and motivating a diverse and highly mobile workforce to the need to stay ahead of constant disruption (and everything in between). Training departments are frequently tasked with the responsibility to address these challenges, but the reality is that these are not training problems—they are business problems that can only be addressed by mobilizing everybody in the same direction.

The key to doing that is to connect the entire organization through a common language of performance that enables the workforce to navigate change, drive results and cultivate a people-first culture of engagement and accountability. Watch this webinar recording to learn how leveraging the language of the Situational Leadership® Model at the base of an organization with the language of Talent to Value™ in the C-suite can create alignment, enhance engagement and (most importantly) solve the problems facing organizations today.

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